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The list of the forbidden goods and services

The ZOTZON.COM (further “Website”) is the Internet platform on placement of Ads. Users independently place Ads, specify in them information on goods, services, works and offers (further “Goods”) and bear responsibility that the Goods offered by them conform to requirements of the Website.

The goods, forbidden to sale/offer/exchange and search on the Website, are provided in the present list. This list can be added and changed by Administration of the Website.

The goods and services forbidden to sale on the Website:

  1. Precious and rare-earth metals, gemstones and the waste containing precious, rare-earth metals and gemstones.
  2. Armament, ammunition to it, military equipment, spare parts, components and devices to them, explosives, gunpowder, all types of rocket fuel, special materials and special equipment for their production, special equipment for staff of paramilitary organizations and technical documentation on their production and operation.
  3. Space-rocket complexes, control and communication systems for military use and technical documentation on their production and operation.
  4. Chemical warfare agents, means of protection from them and technical documentation on their production and use.
  5. Radioactive materials and isotopes, uranium and other fissionable materials and their products.
  6. The x-ray equipment, devices and the equipment with use of radioactive materials and isotopes.
  7. Results of research and project works and basic researches on creation of arms and military equipment.
  8. The cryptographic equipment, and technical documentation on its production and use.
  9. Poisons, drugs and psychotropic substances, their precursors; the substances changing consciousness and mentality.
  10. Alcohol ethyl, alcoholic beverages.
  11. Waste of radioactive materials.
  12. Waste of explosives.
  13. Medicines (including medical linen, clinical nutrition, etc.); medicinal herbs; biologically active additives, including sports nutrition, isotonic drinks, slimming aids (green coffee, the Reishi mushrooms, phytoteas (herbal teas), dietary additives, etc.); vitamins; products of medical assignment; medical equipment; contact lenses and liquid for their storage; botox medicines.
  14. Medical services, including massage, services of nutritionists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, cosmetology injections and other.
  15. The medicinal raw materials received from northern reindeer breeding (staghorns and endocrine raw materials).
  16. Goods which turnover violates the intellectual rights of the third parties (including patents, trademarks, copyright, etc.). Also goods with the replaced software (for example, a refirmware) and violation of work of the means of technical protection of different devices set by the owner are prohibited.
  17. Counterfeit or stolen products or property.
  18. Services and/or work of intimate/erotic/sexual nature and also pornographic/erotic materials, including sex toys.
  19. State awards of the Russian Federation, RSFSR, USSR.
  20. Counterfeit bank notes and counterfeit signs of mail payment.
  21. The radio-electronic and special technical means intended for secret obtaining information.
  22. The foreign currency and other currency values, coins and banknotes of the Russian Federation which are in circulation (except for their purchase and sale for the numismatic purposes), cryptocurrency.
  23. The state identity cards, signs, passes, permissions, certificates, travel documents and licenses, the empty existing forms of official papers (forms of the strict reporting) and also other documents granting the rights or exempting from rights/duties except documents for the purposes of collecting with obviously specified expired validity period and/or a mark about invalidity/cancellation, forms for these documents and also services in their receiving.
  24. Graduate and term papers, dissertations and other similar types of works; services in preparation and writing of diplomas, term papers, dissertations and similar types of works.
  25. The databases containing personal data which can promote unauthorized mailings.
  26. Securities (stocks, bonds, checks, etc.), except papers for the purposes of collecting with obviously specified expired validity period and/or a mark about invalidity/cancellation/repayment.
  27. The materials and services breaking the privacy of life, encroaching on honor, advantage and business reputation of citizens and legal entities and also containing the state, bank, commercial and other secrecies.


  1. The materials transferred exclusively virtually and which are not written on any material carrier (the ideas, methods, the principles, etc.).
  2. Tobacco, tobacco products, smoking accessories (except for lighters and ashtrays), including tubes, hookahs (including electronic), cigarette paper, electronic cigarettes and expendables to them.
  3. Any weapon, including hunting (including hunting knives), pneumatic, civil, airsoft, paintball and other and also components to them, copies of collection weapon, souvenir and decorative weapon, knives (except knives for kitchen, the penknives, stationary knives).
  4. Human bodies and tissues and also donor services (for example, I will hand over/will buy blood/sperm and so forth).
  5. Extremist materials; the materials calling for mass riots, implementation of terrorist activity and extremist activity for participation in mass public actions, incitement of ethnic and interfaith strife.
  6. The animals and plants included in the Red List of the Russian Federation and the Red Lists of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation and also the animals and plants protected by international treaties of the Russian Federation. Seating of the ads containing information on abuse of animals is also forbidden.
  7. Objects with Nazi symbols.
  8. Skins and products from skins of the rare and being under the threat of disappearance animal species according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
  9. Objects of cultural heritage of the people of the Russian Federation and also the objects of archaeological heritage defined according to the Federal Law “About Objects of Cultural Heritage (Historical and Cultural Monuments) of the People of the Russian Federation”.
  10. The gaming equipment used for carrying out gamblings; lottery equipment.
  11. Any financial services, including insurance and also the help in their receiving, financial mediation.
  12. Goods/service which use can be directed to violation of the current legislation of the Russian Federation (for example, the turning – over framework for car numbers, neodymium magnets, services in correction of speedometer, service of fictitious implementation of functions of executive body in the legal entity, etc.).
  13. Documents on vehicles, the state numbers on vehicles.
  14. Fishing nets, materials for their production and also service in their production; electro – rods; traps.
  15. Nonexistent goods or services; the goods/service which do not have consumer value.
  16. Moonshine stills, rectifiers, rectifying columns (except for industrial), Libikh’s refrigerator and other.
  17. Transcendental services (sorcery, magic, nonconventional medicine, etc.).
  18. Services in replacement of the license software or violation of operation of the telephones installed by the owner of means of technical protection, smartphones, laptops, navigators, personal computers and so forth (including a firmware, unlock, jailbreak, etc.).
  19. Services of surrogate mothers (search and sentence).
  20. Goods and objects for which the user has no rights/
  21. Collector and anti-collector services.
  22. The agitation materials, voting bulletins, goods or services connected with implementation of electoral rights.
  23. The services, works and materials connected with implementation of military service and the militarized activity in the territory of the foreign states.
  24. E-mail accounts, social networks, blogs and forums, instant messaging systems (ICQ, Skype and etc.), games and also other resources and services (including without limitation: Steam, iTunes, Google Play).
  25. The markets and services in exchange of currency like Forex (including, the equipment, consultation, training, etc.).
  26. Other goods / services which turnover is prohibited or limited according to the legislation of the Russian Federation and the laws of the country of residence of the user.

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