Law Enforcement resources

ZotZon understands the critical role that government agencies play in ensuring that our community continues to be a trusted place to do business.

ZotZon works with Law Enforcement, tax authorities, and agencies responsible for enforcing intellectual property rights. ZotZon will be diligent in assisting with external criminal investigations, and as such, may need to disclose users' personal information to these groups. However, to ensure user privacy, this information will not be released without substantiated requests from officials.

Third parties and loss prevention will have to work in conjunction with Law Enforcement in order for us to release any data.

Law Enforcement agencies seeking assistance and records for investigations relating to ZotZon may contact us via email. Note the following:

  • A search warrant is required for all account data.
  • A valid subpoena is required for basic account information.

To assist us in locating the suspect in your investigation, please provide us with the following:

  • Victim's name & email address
  • Suspect’s profile name or profile URL
  • The name of the item or URL of the item that was engaged on
  • Approximate time and date of the transaction
  • A specific data range for the data you are requesting

Please note: Only Law Enforcement officials with a warrant or subpoena can request information from ZotZon. Buyers, sellers, or general public who have encountered suspicious activity should report it to the police and have them contact us. Please include your case number and the name and contact information of the officer in your report to us.

We care deeply about the privacy of the ZotZon community and will protect the privacy of our members even while working closely with Law Enforcement to prevent criminal activity. If you are unsure about our privacy practices, please visit ZotZon's Privacy policy for more information.