Prohibited items guidelines

Although most things can be sold on ZotZon, certain items aren't allowed. Some present legal risks or may pose health and safety issues. We've also chosen not to allow items that we feel are inappropriate for our community or could be considered offensive.

Before posting your items, please read the guidelines below to ensure that they are OK to sell on ZotZon.

The following items are not allowed for sale:

1. Alcohol, drugs & tobacco

2. Adult & mature content

3. Animals

4. Wildlife products

5. Counterfeit and replica items

6. Dangerous items

7. Recalled items

8. Food items

9. Gift cards

10. Illegal items or encouraging illegal activity

11. Intangible items

12. Medical & healthcare items

13. Offensive materials

14. Precious and rare earth metals, precious stones, as well as waste containing precious and rare earth metals and precious stones (excluding jewelry).

15. Armaments, ammunition, military equipment, spare parts, components and devices for them, explosives, explosive devices, gunpowder, all types of rocket fuel, as well as special materials and special equipment for their production, special equipment of paramilitary personnel organizations and normative-technical products and documentation for their production and operation, uniforms of civil servants, including those with insignia.

16. Rocket and space systems, military communications and control systems and regulatory and technical documentation for their production and operation.

17. Chemical warfare agents, means of protection against them and regulatory and technical documentation for their production and use.

18. Radioactive substances and isotopes, uranium and other fissile materials and articles thereof.

19. X-ray equipment, instruments and equipment using radioactive substances and isotopes.

20. The results of scientific research and design work, as well as fundamental exploratory research on the creation of weapons and military equipment.

21. Cryptographic equipment, and regulatory and technical documentation for its production and use.

22. Poisons, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, their precursors; smoking mixes (spice), substances that change the mind and psyche.

23. Waste of radioactive materials.

24. Waste explosives.

25. Medicinal raw materials obtained from reindeer herding (antlers and endocrine raw materials).

26. Counterfeit or stolen goods or property.

27. Fake banknotes and fake postage stamps.

28. Radio-electronic and special technical equipment intended for secret information.

29. State identification cards, signs, documents for a vehicle pass, permits, official certificates, certificates of medical institutions, certificates, travel documents and licenses, blank valid official documents (strict reporting forms), as well as other documents granting or exempting from rights / obligations, except for documents for collection purposes with a clearly indicated expired validity and / or invalidity / cancellation mark, forms for these documents As well as the services they receive.

30. Finished diploma and term papers, dissertations and other similar types of work; services for the preparation and writing of diplomas, term papers, dissertations and similar types of work.

31. Databases, including those containing personal data, materials and services containing state, banking, commercial and other secrets (including codes from bank cards, safes, etc.); resource and service accounts (social networks, e-mail, games, etc.) that may contribute to unauthorized mailings.

32. Securities (stocks, bonds, checks, etc.), except for securities for the purpose of collecting with a clearly stated expired date and / or invalidity / cancellation / redemption mark.

33. Materials and services that violate the privacy of privacy, infringe on the honor, dignity and business reputation of citizens and legal entities, as well as containing state, banking, commercial and other secrets.

34. Materials transmitted exclusively virtually and not recorded on any tangible medium (ideas, methods, principles, etc.), including electronic tickets.

35. Subscriptions, discount cards, certificates, coupons, club cards.

36. Any weapon, including hunting (including hunting knives), pneumatic, civil, airsoft, paintball and other, as well as components for it, copies of collection weapons, souvenir and decorative weapons, knives (except for kitchen, pen, stationery ), as well as products structurally similar to weapons.

37. Human organs and tissues, as well as donor services (for example, donate / buy blood / semen, etc.).

38. Extremist materials; materials calling for riots, carrying out terrorist activities and extremist activities, for participating in mass public events, inciting ethnic and religious hatred.

39. Any financial services, including insurance, as well as assistance in obtaining them, financial intermediation, learning to play the Exchange and Forex, bankruptcy, financial intermediation, collection and anti-collection services.

40. Information on dubious methods of generating income (for example, an offer to register on any resource and receive a sum of money for it).

41. Documents for vehicles, license plates for vehicles.

42. Fishing nets, materials for their manufacture, as well as services for their manufacture; electric fishing rods; traps.

43. Non-existent goods or services; goods / services that do not have consumer value, goods and services knowingly false information about a product or service.

44. Transcendental services (witchcraft, magic, extrasensory perception, fortune telling, alternative medicine, etc.).

45. Political advertising and religious advertising.

46. Advertising a store, Internet resource or unreasonable use of trademarks of famous brands.

47. Information about the search, find or loss.

48. Services for installing illegal copies of software, replacing licensed software, or disrupting the technical protection of phones, smartphones, laptops, navigators, personal computers, etc. established by the copyright holder (including firmware, unlock, jailbreak, etc.), and also products with illegal copies of software installed and factory settings changed.

49. Proposals for the sale and registration of telephone numbers, SIM cards or favorable tariffs, as well as cable television cards, proposals for the rental of telephone numbers, SIM cards (including, but not limited to, as part of a modem).

50. Telephone numbers, email addresses, or other third party contact information.

51. Services aimed at cheating, promotion, as well as services to create artificial traffic in social networks and other similar resources.

52. Dating sites, services of marriage agencies and organizers of dating.

53. Online auctions, sites for the announcement of goods and services and marketplaces.

54. Goods subject to state sanctions.

55. Services of surrogate mothers (search and offer).

56. Goods and objects for which the user has no rights.

57. Goods subject to mandatory certification or other mandatory confirmation of compliance with the requirements of technical regulations, in the absence of such certification or confirmation of such compliance.

58. Goods and services for the production and (or) implementation of which it is required to obtain licenses or other special permits, in the absence of such licenses / permits.

59. Campaign materials, ballot papers, goods or services related to the exercise of voting rights.

60. Information on the need for financial assistance (for example, raising funds for treatment).

61. Services, work and materials related to the implementation of military service and paramilitary activities in foreign countries.

Alcohol, drugs & tobacco

Alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and related products are often subject to regulatory restrictions and are illegal for sale in some cases. Because we can't enforce these laws and regulations, we don't allow these items for sale, including:

  • Alcohol
  • Prescription drugs
  • Drugs, narcotics, or controlled substances (even those that are legal in some states)
  • Items marketed for the purpose of intoxication
  • Drug paraphernalia such as bongs, vaporizers, and pipes
  • Tobacco and related products, including e-cigarettes, e-juice, vaporizers, mods, hookahs, and hookah accessories
  • Adult & mature content

    ZotZon strives to be an open marketplace but understands that not all people want to see explicit sexual content. Items intended for adult use or that contain explicit sexual content are not allowed on ZotZon, such as:

  • Explicit sexual content or nudity
  • Pornography
  • Adult toys
  • Animals

    Our policy around animals and wildlife products represents ZotZon’s commitment to improving animal welfare in our own communities and in helping to protect threatened and endangered animals around the world.

    You can certainly post many types of animal products. However, live animals are never allowed, including:

  • Pets
  • Farm animals and livestock
  • Insects
  • Marine life
  • For more information, visit our detailed list of Animals.

    Wildlife & wildlife products

    You can certainly post many types of animal products. However, wildlife products that were sourced illegally or are being traded in contravention of any law are prohibited.

    For more information, visit our detailed list of Wildlife & wildlife products.

    Counterfeit or replica items

  • The sale of bootlegs, counterfeits, fakes, and unauthorized or pirated copies of items is illegal and not allowed on ZotZon, including:
  • Counterfeits, fakes, and replicas of brand-name items, including items “inspired” by a brand without permission of the owner
  • Bootlegged or unauthorized recordings
  • Pirated copies of any copyrighted materials
  • Use of a trademark or other implied affiliation with a brand
  • Shipping and counterfeit items

    For more information, visit our Intellectual property policy.

    Dangerous items

  • Items that pose health and safety concerns or that are regulated or illegal are not allowed on ZotZon. These include but are not limited to:
  • Firearms, no exceptions
  • Knives primarily used as weapons or for self-defense. Note: Cutlery, kitchen, and utility knives are generally permitted
  • Mace, pepper spray, bear spray, tasers, and other weapons used to subdue humans or animals
  • Paintball guns, BB guns, guns that fire blanks, Airsoft Guns, and all related ammunition and accessories
  • Sporting weapons such as bows and arrows, crossbows, and archery items
  • Swords, if sharpened or functional. Note: Decorative blunt swords are generally permitted
  • Weapon parts and accessories, including any item that attaches to a firearm, ammunition, bullets, clips, arrows, and bolts
  • Body armor, including Kevlar and other tactical and protective vests, except protective clothing for sporting activities
  • Regulated chemicals, poisons, or substances
  • New or used airbags sold separately from a vehicle
  • Hazardous materials such as:
    • Fireworks
    • Explosives
  • Items deemed to pose significant health or safety risks to others
  • Recalled items (see below)
  • Recalled items

    Items that are subject to a recall, typically because they are deemed unsafe or defective by federal regulators, are not allowed on ZotZon. These items present a unique risk because the harm they present is often not visibly apparent. Items recalled in the past include:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 cell phones
  • Fisher-Price Rock N’ Play infant sleepers
  • Drop-side cribs
  • Other items listed on the U.S. CPSC list of recalls
  • You should avoid selling or buying any recalled item or product. If you end up selling or buying a recalled item, you should contact the manufacturer as they may offer a refund, replacement, or voucher in exchange for surrendering the recalled item. For more information on recalled consumer products generally, visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website.
  • Food items

    The sale of homemade prepared food is subject to regulatory guidelines and often requires a permit. Because we can't enforce these restrictions, prepared food is not allowed. Examples:

  • Most perishable goods, including meat, seafood, dairy, and cut fruits or vegetables
  • Homemade shelf products, such as jams, jellies, and pickles
  • Homemade meals or baked goods
  • Eggs sold outside of the seller's farm
  • Exceptions to this policy include:

  • Whole, uncut fruits and vegetables
  • Eggs sold directly on the seller's farm
  • Unopened and packaged commercially sold food goods (canned soup, packages of cookies, etc.) as long as the packaging has not been tampered with and the items are sold before their expiration date
  • Gift cards

    Gift cards and reloadable cards are not allowed due to the risk for buyers. The balance can't always be verified, and sometimes the card balance can be used or cancelled by the original purchaser.

    Illegal items or encouraging illegal activity

    Any item that is illegal or that encourages illegal activity is not allowed, including but not limited to:

  • Items with sensitive information such as IDs, passports, and social security cards
  • Fake or forged documents (such as licenses, IDs, diplomas, and government-issued documents)
  • Items received through Government Assistance
  • Offers to trade for illegal goods
  • Police badges or security uniforms, as these can be used to impersonate an officer or gain access to secure areas
  • Locked phones or devices, for example blacklisted, activation, iCloud or similar locks
  • Current vehicle license plates or plates that were valid in the last 5 years
  • Licence plate tags
  • TV streaming devices
  • Cars without titles
  • Canisters or cylinders of pressurized gas (such as CO2 or nitrous oxide)
  • Stolen or found goods
  • Rideshare signs
  • Intangible Items

    ZotZon is intended for the sale of individual, tangible items. Items must exist and be available for immediate sale. Examples of things that are not allowed include:

  • Services for intangible items such as dog walking, babysitting, and IT support
  • Advertisements
    • Links to or information about flea markets, yard sales, and garage sales
    • URLs, links, or redirecting to other websites
    • Rentals and timeshares
    • Multi-level marketing schemes and related promotional materials
    • Job postings
    • Lost pet ads
  • Wanted ads
  • Solicitations
  • Digital account transfers
  • Items planned for future purchase from another retailer, wholesaler, distributor, or manufacturer
  • Items of unknown contents such as “mystery boxes” or “grab bags”
  • Items where the photo does not match the title or description
  • Medical & healthcare items

    Due to health and safety, privacy, and regulatory concerns, certain medical and healthcare items are not allowed for sale on ZotZon, including but not limited to:

  • Devices, drugs, and medications that require a prescription from a licensed medical practitioner (such as a dentist, doctor, optometrist, or veterinarian)
  • Listings that claim the item can diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent a disease or viruses, including COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus)
  • Ventilators and other respiratory equipment
  • Cannabis and cannabis-derived products, such as CBD
  • Pills, vitamins, and supplements
  • Contact lenses
  • Used cosmetics
  • Used makeup sponges and applicators
  • Needles and items containing needles (such as syringes or tattoo equipment)
  • Offensive materials

    ZotZon is an inclusive community that welcomes users from all backgrounds. To build a respectful mobile marketplace, posts that contain foul language or that promote hatred, violence, or discrimination are not allowed. This includes posts that support hate or discrimination toward others based on age, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation, or items that promote or glorify organizations with such views. Examples:

  • Posts containing racial slurs
  • Posts promoting intolerance or discrimination
  • Items that promote, support, or commemorate groups with views of hatred or intolerance (for example Nazi, Neo-Nazi, or KKK groups)
  • Items that depict or glorify violence against people or animals
  • Non-compliance
  • Posts that violate any of our guidelines, policies, or terms may be removed at our discretion. Additional actions may be taken for severe or repeat offenses.