Poncho shawl

Author: ZotZon

Listed: 2021-02-19

🌟🌟🖤🖤 ONLY ONE LEFT 🖤🖤 🌟🌟 100% wool oversized, poncho shawl, black, 54” x 60”, handmade, hypoallergenic, warm, cozy, soft, and very lightweight, free shipping. Available at our Etsy store https://etsy.me/2KPXF7Y 100% Wool Oversized Poncho | Shawl for Women | Black Poncho | FREE SHIPPING | Women’s Clothes | Women’s Poncho
100% wool oversized, poncho shawl, color black, 54” x 60”, handmade, warm, cozy, and very lightweight, poncho shawl for women, free shipping.
Machine gentle wash ok, air dry only.
Great for gifts.
All of our clothes are handmade. We use high quality, hypoallergenic, breathable fabrics, strong and stretchy threads. 100% cold pressed wool.
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Also, you get participate in our LOYALTY REWARDS program. Every 10th order is absolutely FREE!
No returns or exchanges.#etsyclub #etsy #etsyshop #woolponcho #blackponcho #shawl #woolshawl #chicpetsboutique #holidaygifts #zotzon

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