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The chemical dosing system is an important part of the chiller, mainly used to control the pH value, hardness, corrosion and bacterial growth of water. In chillers, chemicals are generally added to the water through a chemical dosing system. A chemical dosing system<a>https://haoshpumps.com/dosing-system/chemical-dosing-system/<herf> usually consists of the following parts: Chemical storage tank: store different kinds of chemicals, the choice of chemicals should be determined according to the water quality of the cooling water and the environmental conditions of the unit. Solution adjuster: According to the water quality of the cooling water, the chemical substances stored in the chemical storage tank are added to the water, and the solution is adjusted according to a certain ratio. During the preparation process, it is necessary to pay attention to safe operation to avoid the leakage of irritating gas and other problems. Solution circulation pump: The prepared solution is sent to the homogenizer after passing through the pump. Uniformizer: to ensure that the solution is evenly added to the cooling water to prevent problems such as corrosion and blockage caused by excessive local concentration. Controller: monitor the pH value, hardness, corrosion and bacterial growth of the cooling water, and automatically adjust the parameters such as the flow rate and concentration of the added chemicals according to the measurement results Instrumentation: Monitor the working status of various parts, such as the liquid level of the storage tank, the pressure and flow of the pump, etc. Cooling water circulation system: In the cooling water circulation system, the cooling water is in contact with the atmosphere and metal pipes for a long time, which is easy to cause problems such as scaling and corrosion. Therefore, it is necessary to use chemical dosing technology to maintain water quality and prevent equipment damage. Industrial production: In some industrial fields, water is used as the cooling medium in the production process, and a chilled water chemical dosing system is required to manage the water quality to maintain a good production environment. Safety: Chemicals are dangerous to a certain extent, and safety needs to be paid attention to when using them to ensure the safety of personal and equipment. Protective gloves, masks and other protective equipment should be worn, and eating, drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited. Through the chemical dosing system, the water quality of the cooling water can be effectively controlled to prevent it from causing damage to the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment. At the same time, it can also improve the working efficiency of the equipment and reduce energy consumption.
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A liquid pressure metering pump is a positive displacement pump that measures the volume of liquid delivered by calculating the pressure at which the liquid flows. These pumps are commonly used in industrial environments to measure and control the flow rate of liquids such as chemicals, oil or other viscous fluids. Liquid pressure metering pumps use a variety of mechanisms to produce constant flow in response to pressure changes. The most common types include: Reciprocating Piston Pumps - These pumps have one or more reciprocating pistons that move back and forth within a cylinder, producing a continuous volumetric output according to their speed and stroke length. By adjusting the speed and stroke length, the pump maintains a consistent output regardless of changes in system pressure. Gear Pumps - These pumps use two meshing gears to draw fluid into a closed chamber and expel it under high pressure through a discharge port. By adjusting the speed and size of the gears, the pump produces a consistent flow even when the input pressure varies. Peristaltic Pumps – These pumps consist of a series of rollers or boots that squeeze and release the hose to create a pulsating flow pattern. Since they do not rely on high pressure, peristaltic pumps can easily handle low viscosity liquids and maintain a steady delivery rate without significant changes due to system pressure fluctuations. Dosing Pumps<a>https://haoshpumps.com/dosing-metering-pump/hydraulic-dosing-pump/<a herf> - Similar to peristaltic pumps, diaphragm pumps use a flexible membrane to isolate fluid-filled chambers and create pulsation-free flow. Strokes per minute, or cycles, determine total output, allowing accurate flow control even in the face of pressure changes. Piston Metering Pumps - Also known as Progressive Cavity Pumps or Eccentric Progressive Cavity Pumps, these devices use a rotating screw or Archimedes screw to propel material along narrow channels to achieve precise dosage ratios. They work best at a steady pressure. Water treatment plant: Chemical Injection: Water treatment plants use various chemicals such as caustic soda, sodium hypochlorite, lime slurry, phosphoric acid, sulfur dioxide gas, etc. to purify the water before delivering it to the end users. Liquid pressure metering pumps help ensure that the required amount of chemical is injected exactly on demand, providing efficient treatment while minimizing waste of expensive chemicals. This saves costs and reduces environmental pollution from unused or excess chemicals. Sludge treatment: The process of wastewater treatment produces a large amount of sludge containing organic matter, heavy metals and pathogens. Hydraulic metering pumps assist sludge treatment operations such as thickening, dewatering, and digestion using polymer addition, allowing wastewater treatment facilities to efficiently manage sludge. Properly treated sludge can be reused as fertilizer or fuel, reducing its adverse impact on the environment. Booster Stations: Most water distribution systems require booster pumps to maintain proper head (pressure) during water distribution. Liquid pressure metering pumps provide precise flow measurement and regulation for these booster stations, ensuring optimum efficiency and minimum energy consumption. By carefully managing system performance, operators can reduce maintenance costs and prevent resource waste. Industrial Wastewater Management: Dosing of neutralizers: Industries that generate acidic/alkaline wastewater need to neutralize it to bring it to an acceptable pH before disposal. Liquid pressure metering pumps accurately add neutralizers such as lime or caustic soda solution to promote effective and safe management of hazards
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