What Is an ozone generator?
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The ozone generator (system) is mainly composed of: electronic control system, high-voltage discharge body, cooling system, and gas source system. 1. The ozone generating unit is the most basic component group for generating glow discharge to generate ozone. 2. The electrode distributes the conductor of the high voltage electric field in the ozone generating unit. 3. Glow discharge When the electric field strength between the two electrodes exceeds a certain value, the electrical conduction phenomenon in the gas manifested by luminescence. 4. Dielectric non-conductive insulating medium. In the ozone generating unit, it refers to the insulator between the two electrodes, which causes a stable glow discharge. 5. Dielectric strength The highest electric field strength that the dielectric material can withstand without being damaged. The gas source dew point of the ozone generator, ozone mass concentration, kilogram ozone power consumption, cooling method, trouble-free working time, etc. Classification 1 The ozone generator is divided into tube type (G) and plate type (B) according to the structure of the ozone generating unit. 2 Ozone generators are divided into power frequency (50~60Hz), intermediate frequency (400~1000Hz) and high frequency (>1000Hz) according to the discharge frequency. 3 Ozone generators are divided into small (5~100g/h), medium (>100~1000g/h) and large (>1000g/h) according to the ozone output. 4. Product selection points 1) For ozone systems with separate air treatment equipment, the air treatment equipment and its parameters must be marked separately. 2) The ozone system used for disinfection of swimming pool water should have interlocking protection functions such as circulating water pumps, ozone cabinets, and accident alarms. 3) The ozone system used for swimming pool water disinfection should have automatic dosing measures and safety alarm measures, such as: ozone leakage detection and alarm, electrical system short-circuit or overload alarm, cooling water and transformer over-temperature alarm, etc. 4) The ozone content in the swimming pool circulation system can be monitored and controlled online with ORP probe or ozone probe. 5) Manufacturers of ozone generators<a href>https://kuosiequipment.com/equipments/disinfection-system/ozone-generator/ <a> must provide detailed product information, product certification and industry approval certificates. 5. Construction and installation points 1) The base height of the ozone generator should not be less than 100mm, and the horizontal dimension should be 50~100mm larger than the box size on each side. 2) The operating channel in front of the ozone generator panel is at least 1000mm wide and 2000mm high, and there is at least one maintenance channel with a width of 500mm on the other three sides, and the height of the machine room is at least 2200mm. 3) The machine room where the ozone generator is installed should be well ventilated to ensure that the temperature and humidity do not exceed the requirements for the normal operation of the ozone generator. 4) The ozone detection device should be installed in the computer room where the ozone generator is installed. When the ozone concentration in the air exceeds the standard, an alarm should be given and the ozone generator should be turned off. 5) The swimming pool water treatment system using the ozone generator (system) should set up an ozone concentration monitoring system in the air beside the swimming pool. 6) The ozone generator should have protective grounding measures.