Ph Dosing System

Описание продавца

The chemical dosing system is an important part of the chiller, mainly used to control the pH value, hardness, corrosion and bacterial growth of water. In chillers, chemicals are generally added to the water through a chemical dosing system. A chemical dosing system<a><herf> usually consists of the following parts: Chemical storage tank: store different kinds of chemicals, the choice of chemicals should be determined according to the water quality of the cooling water and the environmental conditions of the unit. Solution adjuster: According to the water quality of the cooling water, the chemical substances stored in the chemical storage tank are added to the water, and the solution is adjusted according to a certain ratio. During the preparation process, it is necessary to pay attention to safe operation to avoid the leakage of irritating gas and other problems. Solution circulation pump: The prepared solution is sent to the homogenizer after passing through the pump. Uniformizer: to ensure that the solution is evenly added to the cooling water to prevent problems such as corrosion and blockage caused by excessive local concentration. Controller: monitor the pH value, hardness, corrosion and bacterial growth of the cooling water, and automatically adjust the parameters such as the flow rate and concentration of the added chemicals according to the measurement results Instrumentation: Monitor the working status of various parts, such as the liquid level of the storage tank, the pressure and flow of the pump, etc. Cooling water circulation system: In the cooling water circulation system, the cooling water is in contact with the atmosphere and metal pipes for a long time, which is easy to cause problems such as scaling and corrosion. Therefore, it is necessary to use chemical dosing technology to maintain water quality and prevent equipment damage. Industrial production: In some industrial fields, water is used as the cooling medium in the production process, and a chilled water chemical dosing system is required to manage the water quality to maintain a good production environment. Safety: Chemicals are dangerous to a certain extent, and safety needs to be paid attention to when using them to ensure the safety of personal and equipment. Protective gloves, masks and other protective equipment should be worn, and eating, drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited. Through the chemical dosing system, the water quality of the cooling water can be effectively controlled to prevent it from causing damage to the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment. At the same time, it can also improve the working efficiency of the equipment and reduce energy consumption.